Richard (testaclese) wrote in soundandfury,

Shelby the Hero

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 19th, Shelby Bond, stood hawking flyers outside the Gilded Balloon for his show, "Sound & Fury's 'Cyranose!'" as the cast often does, in 16th Century garb. Meanwhile, a woman and (apparently) her sister stole some tip jars from the Gilded Balloon food court, and made a run for it. Amidst cries of, "Stop her!" by people from the food court, a couple people tried to block her but Bond sprinted after her. Looking for all the world like an avenging swashbuckler he caught up to the woman, and using techniques from when he worked security for the decidedly not 16th century Rolling Stones, Bond detained the woman and her sister who pummeled him, while stunned onlookers watched. Probably assuming it was all a Fringe stunt, they stood by like a dutiful audience and offered no help, nor applause. After several minutes of holding the struggling women police had not yet arrived, and Bond released the women who ran off cursing him, leaving the full tip jar and a bag of personal effects behind. The police did show up several minutes later and retrieved the money and effects.
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