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5 Stars from Edinburgh Evening News!

Trio keep the laughs coming
Published Date: 12 August 2008
Sound And Fury's 'Cyranose!' *****
Gilded Balloon, Teviot
"EDMOND ROSTAND was probably very earnest when he wrote his most famous play, Cyrano De Bergerac. Chances are, he wouldn't have liked this version very much, and that would have been his loss.
Before the crowd had even sat down, the comic trio had them in stitches, getting them ready for when the show began properly.

That took a while, because the funny men were just having too much fun with the crowd. They could have kept that up for the whole hour and no-one would have complained or asked for their money back, because the actors were so naturally and effortlessly hysterical in themselves.

From the start to the end, Richard Maritzer, as Cyranose, Shelby Bond and Vinny Cardinale – each taking multiple roles – had the audience laughing.

Much of the show was improvised around audience reactions but this wasn't as haphazard as it might sound.

Each of the threesome are clearly masters of their craft, and every crowd can be sure of a completely different, first-class, hour-long belly laugh."

(For those of you not in Edinburgh, the Evening News is in the top three newspapers here - so this is a real coup. We are on cloud nine!)
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